PACE Group LLC is an innovative and progressive engineering and consulting firm in the Greater New Orleans area.

Our areas of expertise in civil, structural, and foundation engineering as well as our experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes provides our clients with value added services that differentiates us from other engineering firms. Our wide range of experience allows us to provide our services to the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. Our commitment to LEAN practices focuses on reducing non-value added activities that benefit our clients through our research and development (R&D) of technology, leveraging our models for downstream stakeholder use, encouraging the use of digital workflows, and nurturing a continuous improvement culture.

Engineering Services


We provide quality engineering and environmental management solutions. With our civil services, we can design and manage the physical and naturally built environment to suite the project and area of build. 


Foundation engineering is a balance of the superstructure load, the subsoil conditions, and the desired settlement. Our Foundation services are rooted in current research and practical field application.


With our Structural services, we have experience with Hurricane force wind loads as well as determining the best material grade for safety and function without raising the construction costs. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

3d BIM

3D BIM enhances spacial coordination which allow all project stake holders to reduce site errors. This process reveals all project complexities and allows for high level collaboration between all trades. This allows for MEP clash detection from beginning to end with engineers and coordinators able to make the resolve the errors at the earliest detection. 


4D BIM includes the element of time through a spacial schedule. Time related information is being associated with different components of the information model. This information could include lead time, construction and installation time period, and drawing analysis. This process provides step by step visuals of the projects development and can visualize the project as a whole. This prevents on site last minute rework and eliminating waste in the delivery process.


5D BIM includes data extraction such as quanties and cost data to best generate estimates. The cost data may include capital cost, running costs, and renewal cost based on the data from the model. Cost managers can pull quantities x rate to estimate the development of package cost. Our clients will be able to see cost in 3D form, however with 4D data, they can analysis actual and predicted spend over the course of the project.