Johann Palacios, P.E., SECB, LEED AP

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Johann Palacios, P.E., SECB, LEED AP has been directly involved as Civil Engineer of Record on a wide range of commercial projects; including multistory office buildings, parking garages, warehouses, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, multifamily housing, assisted living facilities and sports facilities.  Johann is a New Orleans native and has over 16 years of experience in engineering design and management, Building Information Modeling processes, and Virtual Design and Construction techniques. 

Johann started off his engineering career as a field intern and began his engineering practicing designing pile supported foundations and superstructure framing design on low-rise buildings.  He earned his Professional Engineering license in 2004 in Louisiana.  When Hurricane Katrina impacted New Orleans in 2005, Johann spent two years in the field assessing residential and commercial buildings which gave him insight on failure modes of structures in the New Orleans area.  In 2007, Johann returned to a design-build environment and developed and cultivated an engineering department from inception at a Greater New Orleans Area based design build firm.  A year later, he incorporated Autodesk Revit at the firm and managed two departments: Engineering and Virtual Design and Construction.

In January 2013, Johann joined an oil and gas mult-discipline engineering firm.  For over 3 years, he gained experience in the energy sector while continuing to practice engineering for building design.  Incorporating LEAN practices into the engineering workflow became a passion during this work experience.

In 2016, Johann founded PACE Group LLC with a desire to build an innovative and progressive engineering firm that only hires the best team members who understand and fit the culture of a servant leadership model.

Johann’s civil, foundation, and structural engineering experience is tailored with a design-builder’s mentality, where value engineering is initially incorporated into the design, and it's why constructability is part of the engineering design criteria at PACE Group LLC.

PACE Group LLC is an SLDBE certified firm, and routinely participates in monthly nolaBIM group meetings which promotes best management practices to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction community at no cost to the community.  Johann co-founded the nolaBIM group with like-minded individuals who want to better the AEC community for overall industry improvement.  Johann also participates in the nolaBUG (Bluebeam Users Group) which also strives to educate the local AEC community with workflows that reduce waste and optimizes productivity, all while increasing the value of individual employees.  PACE Group LLC employees also participate in the local ACE Mentoring program, designed to support local high school students in understanding the AEC industry and generate interest among the next generation.  Johann often speaks at local, regional, and national conferences to share experiences in Best Management Practices of various workflows involved in engineering and construction.