Greenleaf Lawson Architects

Michelle Lawson, Principal Architect of Greenleaf Lawson Architects
"Pace Group inspires us to continue to push the limits. We're thrilled to work alongside them on multiple projects and we look forward to a bright future for both young companies!"

Why did you specifically select Pace Group for this project?
"We believe in hiring consultants and building a design team based on brand alignment. Pace Group has a similar outlook on the profession and how we can tackle it differently today with the use of technological investments and the use of new, innovative prefabricated systems."
How did you benefit from working with Pace Group?
"Finding a technologically advanced Structural Engineer that designs with lean principles and in a collaborative manner with our architecture team is difficult to find. We believe we have found a young, professional and creative group of problem solvers that align well with our vision and our brand. A cohesive team of consultants results in successful projects and Pace helps us achieve this."
If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Pace Group or not, what would you say to them?
"Owners may be tempted by a savings when it comes to upfront costs with designers and engineers. We have found that owners will pay 2-3 times more by cutting these corners. We strongly believe Pace will complete the work on time, within budget and efficiently providing a savings to the owner in the end."